CE6301 ENGG GEO 2marks 16marks, Engineering Geology Question Bank, ENGG GEO Short Answers – CIVIL 3rd SEM Anna University

CE6301 ENGG GEO 2marks

Anna University Regulation 2013 CIVIL CE6301 ENGG GEO 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. CE6301 ENGG GEO Short answers, Question Bank for Engineering Geology are listed down for students to make Engg Georfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


UNIT-I 2-marks


1. Write short notes on Marcalli Scale.

The intensity of earthquake can be measured with the help of Mercali scale. Their measurements are expressed for degree of vibration.

2. Define Plate Tectonics.

Plate Tectonics is based primarily due to seismic and geomagnetic activities. Inthis concept, the upper part of the earth up to a depth of 100 km is actually divided into seven to ten major blocks called plates.

3. Write notes on Fluvial Glacial drift.

This is also called Stratified Drift. In this accumulation, Melts water plays a prominent part in their deposition. These deposition exhibit a definite orting according to grain size of the particles like stream deposits.

4. Define weathering. Name the different types of weathering.

The term weathering means, the process of physical is breaking up (ie, Disintegration) and chemical rolling up (ie, Decomposition) of rock occurring simultaneously.

5. Define Continental Drift.

Accumulation of glacial debris directly from glacial melt waters are llectively called continental drift.

6. Write short notes on Moraines.

Moraines may be defined as accumulation of glacial debris (fragments of rocks,sand) that are found either on the base of an existing glacier or at various places alonga glacial valley. These material are mostly unasserted and forms a till types deposit.

7. Define Physical Geology.

It deals with various process of physical agent, such as Wind, Running water,Glaciers and Sea water.



8. Define Structural Geology.

It deals with arrangement or architecture of rocks. It also includes the factors like folds, faults and joints.

9. Define Field Geology.

It deals with study of rocks along with their structural behavior and mineralogical composition in the field.

10. What is meant by physical weathering?

Disintegration of physical breaking up of the rocks is called physical weathering. The main agents involved of wind, Running water and glaciers .It is most active in cold, Dry and higher area of earth surface.

11. Explain deflection in erosion in wind.

In this process, lose particles are removed by flowing winds. The blowing wind lift up the loose, Dry and incoherent rock particles, except hard and compact masses, which remains in their original position.

12. What are the factors depends on the intensity of running water?

Velocity of the water, Nature of the soil over with the water runs , Load conditions of the rainy water.

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