ME6401 KOM Important Questions, KINEMATICS OF MACHINERY Answer Key – MECH 4th SEM Anna University

ME6401  KOM Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2013 Mech ME6401  KOM Important Questions for all 5 units and MECH 4th SEM ME6401  KINEMATICS OF MACHINERY  Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

ME6401  KOM Important Questions


PART- A (2 Marks)

  1. Define ‘degrees of freedom’.
  2. Describe spatial mechanism?
  3. Classify the constrained motion.
  4. List the inversion of four bar mechanism?
  5. Distinguish between kinematics and kinetics?
  6. Discuss toggle position?
  7. Describe pantograph?
  8. Illustrate the applications of single slider crank mechanism?
  9. Define kinematics pairs with example
  10. Discuss Elliptical trammel
  1. Define movability?
  2. Explain transmission angle?
  3. Design Ackermann steering theory?
  4. Describe Grashof’s Law for a four bar mechanism?
  5. Define Kutzbach criterion for planar mechanism.
  6. Explain Grubbler’s criterion for spatial mechanism.
  7. Compare instantaneous center & instantaneous axis?
  8. Illustrate the types of links and define it.
  9. Distinguish between machine and mechanism.
  10. Describe the use of Oldham’s coupling?

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