A career option as Iconographist


Recently an article’s title read “Iconography demystified. ”
Then on exploring more, this was related to art and it involved intense level of depiction (interpretation of pictures).
Iconography is also practiced in the web development space. Here we wanted to emphasize on art and historic view of this course.

Iconography, is a branch of art history, studies the identification, description, and the interpretation of the content of images. Also, creation of icons related to Culture and History.
This field is receiving research support from government and this strengthens the Indian art and history.Capture1
Iconographists say, to design a particular icon it takes around 40 hours as it is a form of historic and meditative art.
Few courses offer this as a mandatory or elective paper.
Iconography as an expertise extends to Religion, Film and Television.
National level courses are offered through Graduation in Arts/ History/ Religion.
International courseshttp://www.betsyporter.com/Classes.html 
LinkedIn profile of a professional closely related to this field: Gary Schmidt, Instructor of Literature, Philosophy, & Religion at Grace Church School



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