Agastya International Foundation


Agastya International Foundation won the Google Impact Challenge in 2013.
Agastya International Foundation is a Bangalore based non-profit educational trust that seeks to transform and stimulate the thinking of economically disadvantaged children. Agastya does this  by bringing innovative science education to the doorstep of Government schools in various states in India.”

Their work is amazing in the field of science where they concentrate on building application and conceptual skills from the grass root level.
We at StudentsFocus were very happy to learn about Agastya. It is a wonderful team of passionate teachers and trainers in the field of science.
They geographically concentrate on empowering the rural children. This is totally a head turner in the era where mugging up is till the way of  majority students. Due to which their shift from rural to urban environment becomes extremely challenging for their survival.


Agastya follows this pyramid of Learning

Agastya beautifully explained on their website – “Tapping the valuable resource of bright but underprivileged children and teachers in rural India, we provide an environment in which they can create, tinker, seek solutions and find them. We encourage inquiry from children, who are inquisitive by nature!”
If you want to try your hand at knowledge transfer, we request you to write to Agastya and follow this link below:


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