CE6306 SOM Important Questions, STRENGTH OF MATERIALS Answer Key – MECH 3rd SEM Anna University


CE6306  SOM Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2013 Mech CE6306  SOM Important Questions for all 5 units and MECH 3rd SEM CE6306  STRENGTH OF MATERIALS  Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

CE6306  SOM Important Questions


PART- A (2 Marks)

1. What is Hooke’s Law?
2. What are the Elastic Constants?
3. Define Poisson’s Ratio.
4. Define: Resilience
5. Define proof resilience
6. Define modulus of resilience.
7. Define principal planes and principal stresses. 8. Define stress and strain.
9. Define Shear stress and Shear strain.
10. Define elastic limit.
11. Define volumetric strain.
12. Define tensile stress and compressive stress. 13.Define young’s Modulus.
14.What is the use of Mohr’s circle?
15.Define thermal stress.

  1. Define Bulk modulus.
  2. What is modulus of rigidity?
  3. Define factor of safety.
  4. State the relationship between young’s modulus and modulus of rigidity..
  5. What is compound bar?

PART- B (16 Marks)

  1. A Mild steel rod of 20 mm diameter and 300 mm long is enclosed centrally inside a hollow copper tube of external diameter 30 mm and internal diameter 25 mm. The ends of the rod and tube are brazed together, and the composite bar is subjected to an axial pull of 40 kN. If E for steel and copper is 200 GN/m2 and 100 GN/m2 respectively, find the stresses developed in the rod and the tube also find the extension of the rod.

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