CE6451 FMM Important Questions, FLUID MECHANICS AND MACHINERY Answer Key – MECH 3rd SEM Anna University


CE6451  FMM Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2013 Mech CE6451  FMM Important Questions for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for MECH 3rd SEM CE6451  FLUID MECHANICS AND MACHINERY  Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

CE6451  FMM Important Questions



  1. Find the surface tension in a soap bubble of 40 mm diameter when the inside pressure is 2.5 N/m2 above atmospheric pressure.
  2. Determine the minimum size of glass tube that can be used to measure water level, if the capillary rise in the tube is not to exceed 2 mm. Take surface tension of water in contact with air as 0.073575 N/m.
  3. A soap bubble is formed when the inside pressure is 5 N/m2 above the atmospheric pressure. If surface tension in the soap bubble is 0.0125 N/m, find the diameter of the bubble formed.
  4. The converging pipe with inlet and outlet diameters of 200 mm and 150 mm carries the oil whose specific gravity is 0.8. The velocity of oil at the entry is 2.5 m/s, find the velocity at the exit of the pipe and oil flow rate in kg/sec.
  5. Express 3m of water head in cm of mercury and pressure in kPa.
  6. What is meant by vapor pressure of a fluid?
  7. What are Non-Newtonian fluids? Give examples
  8. What do you mean by absolute pressure and gauge pressure?
  9. Define the term Kinematic Viscosity and give its dimensions.
  10. What is specific gravity? How is it related to density?
  1. What is meant by capillarity?
  2. What is viscosity? What is the cause of it in liquids and in gases?
  3. Differentiate between solids and liquids.
  4. What is the variation of viscosity with temperature for fluids?
  5. What is meant cavitations?
  6. What are the assumption of the Bernoulli’s equations?
  7. What is mean by continuum?
  8. State the equation of continuity to three dimensional in compressible flow.
  9. State assumption made in deriving continuity equations.
  10. What are all types fluids?

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