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Anna University Regulation 2017 CIVIL CE8392 EG Notes, ENGINEERING GEOLOGY Lecture Handwritten Notes for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for CIVIL 3rd Sem ENGINEERING GEOLOGY Notes are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

 At the end of this course the students will be able to understand the importance of geological knowledge such as earth, earthquake, volcanism and to apply this knowledge in projects such as dams, tunnels, bridges, roads, airport and harbor.
Geology in civil engineering – branches of geology – structure of earth and its composition weathering of rocks – scale of weathering – soils – landforms and processes associated with river, wind, groundwater and sea – relevance to civil engineering. Plate tectonics – Earth quakes –Seismic zones in India.
Physical properties of minerals – Quartz group, Feldspar group, Pyroxene – hypersthene and augite, Amphibole – hornblende, Mica – muscovite and biotite, Calcite, Gypsum and Clay minerals.
Classification of rocks, distinction between Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks.
Engineering properties of rocks. Description, occurrence, engineering properties, distribution and
uses of Granite, Dolerite, Basalt, Sandstone, Limestone, Laterite, Shale, Quartzite, Marble, Slate, Gneiss and Schist.
Geological maps – attitude of beds, study of structures – folds, faults and joints – relevance to civil
engineering. Geophysical methods – Seismic and electrical methods for subsurface investigations.
Remote sensing for civil engineering applications; Geological conditions necessary for
design and construction of Dams, Reservoirs, Tunnels, and Road cuttings – Hydrogeological
investigations and mining – Coastal protection structures. Investigation of Landslides, causes and mitigation.

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