CE8402 SM II Important Questions, STRENGTH OF MATERIALS II Answer Key –CIVIL 4th Sem         


CE8402 SM II Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 CIVIL CE8402 SM II Important Questions with Answer Key and CIVIL 4th Sem CE8402 STRENGTH OF MATERIALS II Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


1.State the various methods for computing the joint deflection of perfect frame
2.Write about strain energy and strain energy density.
3.A mild steel bar of diameter 30 mm and length 2.4 m is subjected to a tensile load of 90 kN. Find the strain energy stored in the bar if the load is applied gradually.What is the modulus of resilience if the proportional limit to 220 MPa. E = 200 GN/m2.
4.State Castigliano‟s first theorem.
5.State Castigliano‟s second theorem.
6.Write an expression for strain energy due to shear, torsion, axial load and bending.
7.Predict the maximum strain energy stored in a solid shaft of diameter 100 mm and of length 1.25 m, if the maximum allowable shear
stressis 50 N/mm2. Take C = 8 x 10N/mm2.
8.Describe Mohr‟s correction.
9.Estimate the strain energy per unit volume, the shear stress for a material is given as 50 N/mm2. Take G=80000 N/mm2.
10.Identify the assumptions made in castigliano‟s theorem.

11.Solve strain energy due to bending of a cantilever beam of span 6 m Subjected to udlof 10 kN/m over entire length, EI is constant.
12.Show the deflections at the free end of the cantilever beam which carries a point load at the free end.
13. Illustrate ”Maxwell reciprocal theorem‟.
14.A beam of span 4m is cantilever and subjected to a concentrated load of 10 KN at the free end.Find the total strain energy stored
15.Compare Resilience, proof resilience and modulus of resilience.
16. Write the application of unit load method
17.Rewrite complementary strain energy with stress-strain curve.

18.Write down the formula to calculate strain energy if moment value is given
19.Write the application of williotmohr‟s diagram.
20.Summarize complimentary virtual work.

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