CE8491 SM Important Questions, SOIL MECHANICS Answer Key –CIVIL 4th Sem  


CE8491 SM Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 CIVIL CE8491 SM Important Questions with Answer Key and CIVIL 4th Sem CE8491 SOIL MECHANICS Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


1.Define degree of saturation and shrinkage ratio
2.What are the Atterberg’s limits? List its types.
3.If the volume of voids is equal to the volume of solids in a given soil sample, Find void ratio and porosity.
4.Define air content and percentage air content in soil
5.Define compaction. List various factors affecting compaction.
6.Define Optimum Moisture content.
7.Define plasticity index and flow index.
8.Discuss about water content of a soil mass and define liquid limit
9.Differentiate between plasticity and consistency.
10.The natural water content of an excavated soil from the borrow pit is 35%. Its liquid limit is 65% and plasticity limit is 25%. Determine the Liquidity Index of the soil and comment about the consistency of the soil

11.A compacted sample of soil with a bulk unit weight of 19.62kN/m3 has a water content of 15 percent. Calculate its dry density, degree of saturation and air content? Assume G = 2.65.
12.What is a zero air voids line? Draw a compaction curve and show the zero air voids line.
13.Derive the relationship between void ratio and porosity.
14.State whether the following statement is true or false and justify your answer. The efficiency of compaction improves with increase in compactive effort.
15.List any four equipment/ methods for field compaction of soil
16.List various field compaction equipments along with its suitability.
17.Compose a relation for γsat with G, γw and e.
18.A dry clay has a mass of 30g and volume of 15cc, What will be the shrinkage limit if the specific gravity of solids is 2.65
19.Draw the phase diagram for completely dry and fully saturated soil mass.
20.Two clay samples A and B have the following properties: Which of the clays A or B would experience larger settlement under identical loads? Conclude with your comments by classifying the soils.
Soil properties  Liquid limit  Plastic limit   Natural water content
Clay A                  44%                  29%                   30%
Clay B                  55%                  35%                    50%

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