CE8602 SA II Important Questions, STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS II Answer Key –CIVIL 6th Sem


CE8602 SA II Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 CIVIL CE8602 SA II Important Questions with Answer Key and CIVIL 6th Sem CE8602 STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS II Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


1.What do you mean by static and kinematic indeterminacy?
2.Write down the flexibility matrix for a simply supported beam with reference to coordinates shown in fig.
3.Write the general expression for the degree of static indeterminacy of pin jointed plane frames.
4.What are the properties which characterize if the structure response by means of force-displacement relationship?
5.Find the degree of indeterminacy of propped cantilever beam.
6.Define Flexibility of a structure.
7.In flexibility method unknown quantities are ———————and final equations are————-
8.Define indeterminate structures.
9.What is a primary structure?
10.What are equilibrium equations?

11.What are the different methods of analysis of indeterminate structures?
12.Differentiate Stiffness method from flexibility method.
13.What are the basic requirements of structural analysis?
14.Write the equation for degree of indeterminacy of 2D trusses.
15.What is meant by compatibility condition?
16.Write the element Flexibility matrix for a beam member and truss member.
17.Define flexibility coefficient.
18.Choose the correct answer. The flexibility method is best suited when the static indeterminacy is ————- the kinematic indeterminacy. (a) Less than (b) Equal to (C) Greater than .
19.List the variables in the force method.
20.Define Force Transformation Matrix

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