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CE8604 HE 2marks

Anna University Regulation 2017 CIVIL CE8604 HE 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. CE8604 HE Short answers, Question Bank for HIGHWAY ENGINEERING Engineering are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


1. State any contributions made by Jayakar committee for the road development in India.
The two major contributions made by Jayakar committee are:
i)Classification of roads in India into five categories.
National highways State highways Major district roads Other district roads Village roads
ii) Creation of central road fund

2. Define ruling gradient and exceptional gradient.
This is the desirable upper limit of gradient adopted in the normal course of design. This adoption of ruling gradient should balance the cutting and filling of earth work which will give an economical design. Different factors which are to be considered in the choice of ruling gradient is type of terrain, the length of the grade, the speed. Pulling capacity of vehicles and the presence of horizontal stretches of road. Exceptional gradient In some ground conditions it will be inevitable to provide a gradient steeper then limiting gradient such gradients are referred to as exceptional gradient.

3. What are the important modifications made in macadam’s method of road construction?
Following are the important modifications made in macadam’s method:
Realizing the importance of sub grade drainage and compaction, the sub grade was prepared with sufficient cross slope.
Heavy foundation stones were replaced with broken stones and with adequate drainage arrangements.
The total thickness is comparatively less and the order of 25 cm.
The size of brocks tones used for the layer was based on the stability under animal drawn vehicles.4. Mention the functions of medians in urban roads. Separators or medians are provided the head on collision between two vehicles moving in opposite directions in the adjacent lanes. These medians may be in the form of pavement markings, physical dividers or area separators. Out of these three pavements making is the cheapest.

5. What are the objectives of highway research board?

Highway research board of Indian roads congress was set up in 1973.the constitution of the board primarily aims to serve as national centre for road research with the following role to play.
To ascertain the nature and extent of research required.
To correlative research information from various organizations in India and abroad with a view to exchanging publications and information on roads.
To sponsor basic research through universities and research organizations. To collect and disseminate of research.
To coordinate and conduct correlation services.
To involve in any other matter related to road research.

6. State the classification of roads according to Nagpur road plan.
High Way , State highway ,Major district roads , Other district roads, Village roads

7. What is ideal alignment?
The alignment should as short and direct possible between the terminal points. This arrangement will be economical in construction, maintenance and operation. The alignment should not interfere to the maximum extent, with agriculture and industries.
Further there should be no interference with the utility services like overhead transmission lines, water supply lines, etc.

8. Define camber.

Camber, also called as cross fall, is the convexity provided to the cross section of the surface of carriage way. It is the difference in level between the highest point, known as the crown usually located at the centre of the carriage, and the edge. Camber is provided so as
To drain surface water
To separate the traffic in two opposite directions
To improve the appearance of the road

9. What is carriage way.

The pavement width or carriage width depends on the width of traffic lane and number of lanes. The carriage way accommodating one line of traffic movement is called as a traffic lane. The width of the lane is decided based on the width of vehicle and the minimum side clearance may allow more vehicles with high speed.

10. Give some reasons for the poor state of road development in India?
The poor state of road development in India in the past may be due to the following reasons: i) There was no planned development of roads in the country up to the initiation of Nagpur Road plan in the year 1943.Only during the five-year plans since 1951; the development works were speeded up.
ii) The investment even today on the road development programme is much lower than the revenue from the road transport.
iii) Poor economic conditions of the vast majority of the population in villages prohibit the owing of private vehicles and discourage the use of transport

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