CE8702 RADHE 2marks

Anna University Regulation 2017 CIVIL CE8702 RADHE 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. CE8702 RADHE Short answers, Question Bank for RAILWAYS, AIRPORTS, DOCKS AND HARBOUR ENGINEERING Engineering are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


1.What is meant by traffic survey

The main aim of the traffic survey is to submit the field data to the authority of the project. The traffic report submitted will be subjected to scrutiny to the engineer, Administration and financial levels.

2.Why a reconnaissance Should be conducted

From the preliminary data based on the existing survey maps and aerial photographs a few tentative alignments are conducted For each preliminary data a reconnaissance survey is taken up with a minimum Expenditure and time Such that the important features are noted down

3.What are the instruments used in the preliminary Survey

1.Plane table 2. Dumpy level 3. Prismatic compass 4. Theodolite 5. Tachometer

4.What is a track. List the various components of the track

A complete track of the railway line at which trains run is commonly referred to as permanent way or simply a track The components of a track are Sleepers, rails, fittings, Fastening, ballast and the formation

5. List the requirements of an ideal Rails

a) The rail section should be economical b) the center of gravity Should be at the middle height c) Balanced distribution of metal on the cross section d) Adequate Stability Against overturning e) Enough vertical and lateral stiffness

6.How a Section of the rail mentioned? What are the Standard section available on broad gauge in Indian railway

Rail section is designated by its weight per unit length. Section available on broad gauge are 60kg/m with a rail length of about 13.0 meter

7.What are the different types of joint used in rails

Two rails are connected by a joint which forms the weakest part of the track .Based on the position joints are classified into Square and Staggered Joints. Based on the position of the Sleepers, rail joints are the three types. That are Suspended joint, Supported joint and Bridge Join

8.list the various effects of the creep

1. Buckling of the track 2. Change of the gap 3. Distortion of points and crossings 4. Difficulty in changing rails 5. Change of Sleeper position

9.List any three advantages and disadvantages of the Steel Sleepers

Advantages 1.Less and simple form of fastening 2. Comparatively large life 3.maintenance and adjustment

Disadvantages 1. High initial cost 2. Susceptible to corrosion 3. Not suitable for track circuited areas

10.What are the basic function of the ballast

1. Provide a level and hard bed 2. Sleeper are held in position 3. Drains the water immediately 4. Avoid the growth of vegetation 5. resists the displacement in all direction

11.Define Super-Elevation

Super-elevation or cant is the difference in height between the outer and inner rails in a curve. This is provided in the field by a gradual lifting of the outer rails While maintaining the inner rail in its original level

12.What is meant by cant gradient

Can’t gradient expresses the increase of the cant in the given length of transition. For Example a gradient of 1 in 1000 represents a cant of 1mm is in every 1000mm of the transition length.

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