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Anna University Regulation 2013 Information Technology (IT) CS6201 DPSD Important Questions for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for IT 2nd SEM CS6201 Digital Principles & System Design Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1 Find the octal equivalent of hexadecimal numbers of AB.CD.

2 State and prove the consensus theorem.

3 State the principle of duality.

4 Implement AND gate using only NOR gates.

5 Convert (0.6875)10 to binary.

6 Prove the following using DeMorgan’s Theorm [(x+y)’+(x+y) ‘] ‘=x+y.

7 List the theorems of Boolean algebra.

8 What is Excess-3 code?

9 Compare Gray code and BCD code.

10 What are Universal Gates? Why are they named so?

11 Perform the following code conversions: (1010.10)16 to binary, octal and decimal.

12 Express the following Boolean expression in to minimum number of literals xyz+x’y+xyz’.

13 Can you draw the graph symbol for function F=xy’+x’y.

14 What bit must be complemented to change an ASCII letter from capital to lower case and vice versa?

15 Simplify the following Boolean functions using three variable maps. F(x,y,z)=∑(0,2,3,6,7).

16 Develop or build the following Boolean function with NAND gate F(x,y,z)=(1,2,3,5,7).

17 Distinguish between 1’s and 2’s compliment.

18 What is the concept behind EBCDIC code?

19 What are the limitations of K-map?

20 Design the OR gate using NAND gate.

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