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Anna University Regulation 2013 Information Technology (IT) CS6304 ADC Important Questions for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for IT 3rd SEM CS6304 Analog and Digital Communication Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


1. Write the advantages of digital communication.

2. Define ASK.

3. Define PSK and draw its waveform for the data 10110.

4. Draw the waveforms for PSK and FSK modulation.

5. Define information capacity and bit rate.

6. Differentiate QPSK and BPSK.

7. Define Nyquist sampling theorem.

8. Define minimum Shift keying.

9. Why is ASK called as ON-OFF keying?

10. Define the term Aliasing.

11. What is the relation between bit rate and baud for a FSK system?

12. Define QAM.

13. What is bandwidth efficiency?

14. What are the advantages of QPSK?

15. Draw the constellation diagram of 8-QAM.

16. Compare ASK and FSK.

17. Draw the phasor diagram QPSK.

18. What are the advantages of BPSK?

19. Determine the bandwidth and baud for FSK signal with a Mark frequency of 49 kHz and Space frequency of 51 kHz and a bit rate of 2kbps.

20. Why FSK does require bandwidth when the modulation index is increased?


1. For a BPSK modulator with a Carrier frequency of 70 MHz and an input bit rate of 10 Mbps, determine the maximum and minimum upper and lower side frequencies, draw the output spectrum,determine the minimum Nyquist bandwidth, and calculate the baud (Assume f= 5MHz)

2. Draw and explain the operations of Non-coherent and coherent ASK modulators.

3. Explain the principle of FSK transmitter and receiver.

4. Compare the various types of digital modulation techniques.

5. Describe with neat diagram, the operation of a QPSK modulator.Draw its phasor and constellation diagram.

6. Explain the bandwidth considerations of 8-PSK system.

7. What is carrier recovery? Discuss how carrier recovery is achieved by the squaring loop and Costas loop circuits.

8. Explain 8-QAM with suitable diagrams.

9. Draw the block diagram of QPSK modulator and explain its operation.For QPSK modulator, construct the truth table, phasor diagram and constellation diagram.

10. What is known as Binary phase shift keying? Discuss in detail the BPSK transmitter and Receiver and also obtain the minimum double sided Nyquist bandwidth.

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