CS6304 ADC Important Questions, Analog and Digital Communication Answer Key – CSE 3rd SEM Anna University


CS6304 ADC Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2013 CSE CS6304 ADC Important Questions is provided below. Download link for CSE 3rd SEM CS6304 Analog and Digital Communication Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilisation and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1. Define Noise.

2. List out the types of noise.

3. What is thermal noise?

4. Define Modulation.

5. What is the need for modulation?

6. Write the types of modulation.

7. What is amplitude modulation?

8. Define modulation index of an AM signal

9. A transmitter radiates 9 kW without modulation and 10.125 kW after modulation.Determine depth of modulation.

10. Write the advantages of SSB.

11. Draw the envelope of AM

12. What are the applications of FM?

13. Differentiate between narrow band and wide band FM signals.

14. State Carson’s rule of FM bandwidth?

15. Define Phase Modulation.

16. Define frequency deviation.

17. Define the transmission efficiency of AM signal.

18. Distinguish between linear and non- linear modulator.

19. Define Noise Figure and Signal to Noise ratio.

20. For an FM modulator with a peak frequency deviation ∆f = 20 kHz, a modulating signal frequency fm = 10 kHz. Find the bandwith using carson’s rule.


1. Describe the noise with suitable examples.

2. What is the principle of Amplitude modulation? Derive expression for the AM wave and draw its spectrum.

3. Describe the frequency analysis of Angle modulated waves. Explain their Bandwidth requirements.

4. A modulating signal of 2 cos5000t is amplitude modulated over a carrier signal of 5cos20000t . Derive expressions for the modulation index, LSB and VSB frequencies, Bandwidth and the ratio of Side Band Power in the Total Power of AM wave.

5. Explain the principle of Angle Modulation. Derive phase deviation, Modulation index, frequency deviation and percent modulation.

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