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The techniques used to modulate digital information so that it can be transmitted via microwave, satellite or down a cable pair is different to that of analogue transmission. The data transmitted via satellite or microwave is transmitted as an analogue signal. The techniques used to transmit analogue signals are used to transmit digital signals. The problem is to convert the digital signals to a form that can be treated as an analogue signal that is then in the appropriate form to either be transmitted down a twisted cable pair or applied to the RF stage where is modulated to a frequency that can be transmitted via microwave or satellite.

The equipment that is used to convert digital signals into analogue format is a modem. The word modem is made up of the words ―modulator and ―demodulator.

A modem accepts a serial data stream and converts it into an analogue format that matches the transmission medium.

There are many different modulation techniques that can be utilized in a modem. These techniques are:

x Amplitude shift key modulation (ASK)

x Frequency shift key modulation (FSK)

x Binary-phase shift key modulation (BPSK)

x Quadrature-phase shift key modulation (QPSK)

x Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM)

Amplitude Shift Key Modulation

In this method the amplitude of the carrier assumes one of the two amplitudes dependent on the logic states of the input bit stream. A typical output waveform of an ASK modulator is shown in the figure below. The frequency components are the USB and LSB with a residual carrier frequency. The low amplitude carrier is allowed to be transmitted to ensure that at the receiver the logic 1 and logic 0 conditions can be recognised uniquely.

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