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Anna University Regulation 2013 Information Technology (IT) CS6403 SE 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for IT 4th SEM CS6403 Software Engineering Short answers, Question Bank are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

1. What is requirement engineering?
Requirement engineering is the process of establishing the services that the customer requires from the system and the constraints under which it operates and is developed.
2. What are the various types of trace-ability in software engineering?
i. Source trace-ability – These are basically the links from requirement to stakeholders
ii. Requirements trace-ability – These are links between dependant requirements.
iii. Design trace-ability – These are links from requirements to design.
3. Define software prototyping.
Software prototyping is defined as a rapid software development for validating the requirements.
4. What are the benefits of prototyping?
i. Prototype serves as a basis for deriving system specification.
ii. Design quality can be improved.
iii. System can be maintained easily.
iv. Development efforts may get reduced.
v. System usability can be improved.
5. What are the prototyping approaches in software process?
i. Evolutionary prototyping – the initial prototype is prepared and it is then refined through number of stages to final stage.
ii. Throw-away prototyping – a rough practical implementation of the system is produced. The requirement problems can be identified from this implementation.
6. What are the advantages of evolutionary prototyping?
i. Fast delivery of the working system.
ii. User is involved while developing the system.
iii. More useful system can be delivered.
iv. Specification, design and implementation work in co-ordinate manner.
7. What are the various Rapid prototyping techniques?
i. Dynamic high level language development.
ii. Database programming.
iii. Component and application assembly.
8. What is the use of User Interface prototyping?
This prototyping is used to pre-specify the look and feel of user interface in an effective way.
9. What are the characteristics of SRS?
i. Correct – The SRS should be made up to date when appropriate requirements are identified.
ii. Unambiguous – When the requirements are correctly understood then only it is possible to write an unambiguous software.
iii. Complete – To make SRS complete, it should be specified what a software designer wants to create software.
iv. Consistent – It should be consistent with reference to the functionalities identified.
v. Specific – The requirements should be mentioned specifically.
vi. Traceable – What is the need for mentioned requirement?
10. What is data modeling?
Data modeling is the basic step in the analysis modeling. In data modeling the data objects are examined independently of processing. The data model represents how data are related with one another.
11. What is a data object?
Data object is a collection of attributes that act as an aspect, characteristic,quality, or descriptor of the object.
12. What are attributes?
Attributes are the one, which defines the properties of data object.
13. What is cardinality in data modeling?
Cardinality in data modeling, cardinality specifies how the number of occurrences of one object is related to the number of occurrences of another object.

14. What does modality in data modeling indicates?
Modality indicates whether or not a particular data object must participate in the relationship.
15. What is ERD?
Entity Relationship Diagram is the graphical representation of the object relationship pair. It is mainly used in database applications.
16. What is DFD?
Data Flow Diagram depicts the information flow and the transforms that are applied on the data as it moves from input to output.
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