CS6403 SE 2marks-16marks, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Question Bank, SE Short Answers – CSE 4th SEM Anna University


CS6403  SE 2marks-16marks

Anna University Regulation 2013 Computer Science Engineering (CSE) CS6403  SE 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for CSE 4th SEM CS6403  SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Short answers, Question Bank are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


UNIT-I 2-marks


1. What is software engineering?

Software engineering is a discipline in which theories, methods and tools are applied to develop professional software.

2. What is Software?

Software is nothing but a collection of computer programs that are related documents that are indented to provide desired features, functionalities and better performance.

3. What are the characteristics of the software?

  • * Software is engineered, not manufactured.
  • * Software does not wear out.
  • * Most software is custom built rather than being assembled from components.

4. What are the various categories of software?

  • * System software
  • * Application software
  • * Engineering/Scientific software
  • * Embedded software

5. What are the challenges in software?

  • * Copying with legacy systems.
  • * Heterogeneity challenge
  • * Delivery times challenge.

6. Define software process.

Software process is defined as the structured set of activities that are required to develop the software system.

7. What are the fundamental activities of a software process?

  • * Specification
  • * Design and implementation
  • * Validation
  • * Evolution

8. What are the umbrella activities of a software process?

  • * Software project tracking and control.
  • * Risk management.
  • * Software Quality Assurance.
  • * Formal Technical Reviews.
  • * Software Configuration Management.
  • * Work product preparation and production.
  • * Reusability management.
  • * Measurement.

9. What are the merits of incremental model?

  • i) The incremental model can be adopted when there is less number of people involved in the project.
  • ii) Technical risks can be managed with each increment.
  • iii) For a very small time span, at least core product can be delivered to the customer.

10. List the task regions in the Spiral model.

  • * Customer communication – it is suggested to establish customer communication.
  • * Planning – All planning activities are carried out
  • * Risk analysis – The tasks required to calculate technical and management risks.
  • * Engineering – tasks required to build one or more representations of applications
  • * Construct and release – tasks required to construct, test, install the applications
  • * Customer evaluation – tasks are performed and implemented at installation stage based on the customer evaluation.

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