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Anna University Regulation 2013 Information Technology (IT) CS6502 OOAD 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for IT 5th SEM CS6502 Object Oriented Analysis & Design Short answers, Question Bank are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

1. How to Choose the Initial Domain Object?
Choose as an initial domain object a class at or near the root of the containment or aggregation hierarchy of domain objects. This may be a facade controller, such as Register, or some other object considered to contain all or most other objects, such as a Store.
2. Define patterns.
A pattern is a named problem/solution pair that can be applied in new context, with advice on how to apply it in novel situations and discussion of its trade-offs.
3. How to Connect the UI Layer to the Domain Layer?
An initializing routine (for example, a Java main method) creates both a UI and a domain object, and passes the domain object to the UI.
A UI object retrieves the domain object from a well-known source, such as a factory object that is responsible for creating domain objects.
4. Mention the Interface and Domain Layer Responsibilities.
The UI layer should not have any domain logic responsibilities. It should only be responsible for user interface tasks, such as updating widgets. The UI layer should forward requests for all domain-oriented tasks on to the domain layer, which is responsible for handling them.
5. How to Apply the GRASP Patterns?
The following sections present the first five GRASP patterns:

  • Information Expert
  • Creator
  • High Cohesion
  • Low Coupling
  • Controller

6. Define Responsibilities and Methods.
The UML defines a responsibility as “a contract or obligation of a classifier” [OMG01]. Responsibilities are related to the obligations of an object in terms of its behavior.
Basically, these responsibilities are of the following two types:

  • knowing
  • doing

7. List out some scenarios that illustrate varying degrees of functional cohesion.

  • Very low cohesion
  • low cohesion
  • High cohesion
  • Moderate cohesion

8. Define Modular Design.
Coupling and cohesion are old principles in software design; designing with objects does not imply ignoring well-established fundamentals. Another of these, which is strongly related to coupling and cohesion is to promote modular design.
9. What are the advantages of Factory objects? ƒ

  • Separate the responsibility of complex creation into cohesive helper objects. ƒ
  • Hide potentially complex creation logic. ƒ
  • Allow introduction of performance-enhancing memory management strategies, such as object caching or recycling.

10. What is meant by Abstract Class Abstract Factory?
A common variation on Abstract Factory is to create an abstract class factory that is accessed using the Singleton pattern, reads from a system property to decide which of its subclass factories to create, and then returns the appropriate subclass instance. This is used, for example, in the Java libraries with the java.awt.Toolkit class, which is an abstract class abstract factory for creating families of GUI widgets for different operating system and GUI subsystems.
11. Differentiate coupling and cohesion.
Coupling deals with interactions between objects or software components while cohesion deals with the interactions within a single object or software component. Highly cohesive components can lower coupling because only a minimum of essential information need to b passed between components.
CS6502 OOAD All Units 2marks & 16marks – Download Here
CS6502 OOAD All Units 2marks & 16marks – Download Here
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