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Anna University Regulation 2013 Information Technology (IT) CS6551 CN Important Questions for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for IT 5th SEM CS6551 Computer Networks Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1 Describe Media Access Control?

2 How would you describe repeater?

3 How will you summarize an Ethernet Adaptor?

4 Define Exponential back-off?

5 Define Bluetooth?

6 Can you classify the steps of Scanning?

7 Can you explain what Piconet is?

8 How would you describe access point?

9 Differentiate switching and bridging?

10 Can you explain virtual circuit switching?

11 Illustrate the function of hop by hop flow control?

12 How will you develop a virtual private network?

13 What examples can you find to illustrate tunneling?

14 Show your understanding about payload?

15 How would you design Class A, Class B and Class C of IP addresses?

16 Discuss the 2 scaling concerns that the CIDR addresses.

17 Give the ARP packet format for mapping IP addresses into Ethernet addresses.

18 Summarize the DHCP packet format.

19 How would you define ICMP.

20 Differentiate forwarding and routing.


1. a) How will you describe the Physical properties of Ethernet (802.3)? Detail your answer with neat illustration? (8)

 b) Describe in detail about access protocols in IEEE 802.3 Ethernet. (8)

2. How would you demonstrate your understanding of problems about Ethernet LAN? (16)

3 a) Explain in detail about collision avoidance in Wi‐Fi (802.11)(8)

b) Explain in detail about distribution system in Wi‐Fi (802.11)(8)

4 How would you describe about Bluetooth and explain with neat sketch about its architecture? (16)

5 a) How would you differentiate Switching and Bridging? Explain with neat diagram. (8)

b) Summarize your understanding about virtual Circuit switching. (8)

6 i) Explain in detail about the service model and global addressing of Internet Protocol. (8)

ii) Explain in detail about datagram forwarding and subnetting in IP. (8)

7 Define ARP?Describe the details with neat diagram. (16)

8 Will you state and summarize in your own words about CIDR. (16)

9 Evaluate DHCP and explain in detail about DHCP? (16)

10 Based on what you learn develop a model of ICMP? (16)

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