CS6601 DS Important Questions, Distributed Systems Answer Key – CSE 6th SEM Anna University


CS6601 DS Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2013 Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) CS6601 DS Important Questions for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for CSE 6th SEM CS6601 Distributed Systems Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

Year & Semester : III and VI

Section : CSE- 1 & 2

Subject Code : CS6601


Degree & Branch : B.E & CSE



1. Define distributed Systems. Remember BTL1
2. What are the examples of Distributed System? Remember BTL1
3. List the advantages and disadvantages of Distributed System. Remember BTL1
4. What are the challenges in Distributed System? Remember BTL1
5 Show where Distributed System is applied? Apply BTL – 3
6 Estimate how distributed system benefits resource sharing? Understand BTL – 2
7 Describe the main idea of Distributed Systems. Understand BTL – 2
8 Summarize about resource sharing Understand BTL – 2
9 Discuss the trends of Distributed System. Understand BTL – 2
10 Compare Centralized and Distributed System. Analyze BTL – 4
11 Generalize on Heterogeneity. Create BTL – 6
12 Explain the consequences faced by the designers in developing distributed systems. Evaluate BTL – 5
13 Explain briefly on Ubiquitous computing. Analyze BTL – 4
14 Show how distributed System helps cloud computing Apply BTL – 3
15 Illustrate the concept of concurrency. Apply BTL – 3
16 What do you mean by transparency? Remember BTL – 1
17 Develop the scenario how might the clocks in two computers that are linked by a local network be synchronized without reference to an external time source? Create BTL – 6
18 Rank the advantages and disadvantages of HTML, URLs and HTTP as core technologies for information browsing? Evaluate BTL –5
19 Classify the security challenges faced by the distributed systems. Analyze BTL – 4
20 List the examples of HTTP URL. Remember BTL – 1

1 Design in detail any two application domain where distributed system is applied. Create BTL – 6
2 Analyze the challenges in developing a Distributed system and how distributed system overcomes it. Analyze BTL – 4
3 Evaluate the trends in distributed system. Evaluate BTL – 5
4 What are the domain areas in which Distributed System is used? Remember BTL – 1
5 Describe how to compare and contrast cloud computing with more traditional client-server computing? What is novel about cloud computing as a concept? Understand BTL – 2
6 Utilize the World Wide Web as an example to illustrate the concept of resource sharing, client and server. Apply BTL – 3
7 List the three main software components that may fail when a client process invokes a method in a server object, giving an example of a failure in each case. Suggest how the components can be made to tolerate one another’s failures. Remember BTL – 1
8 (i)Summarize in detail about resource sharing and the challenges involved in it. (ii)Give the types of local resource that are vulnerable to an attack Understand BTL – 2  by an untrusted program that is downloaded from a remote site and run in a local computer. .
9 Label an example of an HTTP URL. List the main components of an HTTP URL, stating how their boundaries are denoted and illustrating each one from your example. To what extent is an HTTP URL location-transparent? Remember BTL – 1
10 (i) Explain distributed system and Analyze the characteristics of Distributed system. (ii) Demonstrate how distributed computing is used as an utility
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