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Anna University Regulation 2013 Information Technology (IT) CS6660 CD Important Questions for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for IT 6th SEM CS6660 Compiler Design Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1. Define compiler

2. Name few cousins of compiler

3. Point out any two reasons as to why phases of compiler should be grouped.(or) How will you group the phases of the compiler?

4. Define the following terms: Interpreter, and Translator.

5. Give some compiler construction tools

6. Differentiate between compiler and interpreter.

7. Apply the parse tree structure for the expression Position: =initial + rate *60.

8. Comparison between call by value and call by reference.

9. Discuss Environments and states.

10. Tell the main two parts of compilation? Describe they performances?

11. Describe the need of separating the analysis phase into lexical phase and parsing?

12. Summarize function of preprocessor?

13. Show the examples of some software tools that manipulate source program?

14. Define Hybrid compiler .and linker

15. Analyze he Errors in phases of the compiler

16. Illustrate the approaches use to recover the errors in lexical analysis phase

17. Explain about convert grouping of phases into passes

18. Summarize the different error recovery techniques in syntax phase?

19. An arithmetic expression with unbalanced parenthesis is lexical or syntax error. generalize your answer.

20. Compose the advantages of language processing system in which the compiler produces assembly language rather than machine language?


1 Explain the phases of compiler? And how the following statement will be translated into every phase. Position := initial + rate * 60.

2 (i).Discuss in detail about the role of Lexical and syntax analyzer with the possible error recovery actions.

(ii).Discuss in detail about role of lexical analysis?

3 (i).Tell the various phases of the compiler and examine with programs segment

(ii).Discuss in detail about symbol table.

4 Describe the following expressions after each phases a:= b*c-d how various phases could be combined as pass in a compiler

5 (i).Explain in detail about the compiler construction tools.

(ii).Explain in detail about the language processing system.

6 (i).Describe the errors encountered in different phases of compiler.

(ii).Explain the functions of Preprocessor.

7 Define compiler? State various phases of compiler and describe in detail

8 (i).How to solve the source program to target machine code by using language processing system.

(ii).Write in detail about the cousins of the compiler.

9 Generalize the important terminologies used in programming language basics

10 i). Analyze the given expressions 4:*+=cba with different phases of the compiler

(ii). Classify the concepts of compiler and Interpreter.

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