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Concept and Definition

Operations research signifies research on operations. It is the organized application of modern science, mathematics and computer techniques to complex military, government, business or industrial problems arising in the direction and management of large systems of men, material, money and machines. The purpose is to provide the management with explicit quantitative understanding and assessment of complex situations to have sound basics for arriving at best decisions.

Operations research seeks the optimum state in all conditions and thus provides optimum solution to organizational problems.

Definition: OR is a scientific methodology – analytical, experimental and quantitative – which by assessing the overall implications of various alternative courses of action in a management system provides an improved basis for management decisions. Characteristics of OR (Features) The essential characteristics of OR are 1. Inter-disciplinary team approach – The optimum solution is found by a team of scientists selected from various disciplines.

2. Wholistic approach to the system – OR takes into account all significant factors and finds the best optimum solution to the total organization.

3. Imperfectness of solutions – Improves the quality of solution.

4. Use of scientific research – Uses scientific research to reach optimum solution.

5. To optimize the total output – It tries to optimize by maximizing the profit and minimizing the loss.

Phases of OR

OR study generally involves the following major phases

1. Defining the problem and gathering data

2. Formulating a mathematical model

3. Deriving solutions from the model

4. Testing the model and its solutions

5. Preparing to apply the model

6. Implementation

1. Defining the problem and gathering data

x The first task is to study the relevant system and develop a well-defined statement of the problem. This includes determining appropriate objectives, constraints, interrelationships and alternative course of action.

x The OR team normally works in an advisory capacity. The team performs a detailed technical analysis of the problem and then presents recommendations to the management.

x Ascertaining the appropriate objectives is very important aspect of problem definition. Some of the objectives include maintaining stable price, profits, increasing the share in market, improving work morale etc.

x OR team typically spends huge amount of time in gathering relevant data.

  • To gain accurate understanding of problem
  • To provide input for next phase.

x OR teams uses Data mining methods to search large databases for interesting patterns that may lead to useful decisions.

2. Formulating a mathematical model

This phase is to reformulate the problem in terms of mathematical symbols and expressions. The mathematical model of a business problem is described as the system of equations and related mathematical expressions. Thus

1. Decision variables (x1, x2 … xn) – ‘n’ related quantifiable decisions to be made.

2. Objective function – measure of performance (profit) expressed as mathematical function of decision variables. For example P=3×1 +5×2 + … + 4xn

3. Constraints – any restriction on values that can be assigned to decision variables in terms of inequalities or equations. For example x1 +2×2 ≥ 20

4. Parameters – the constant in the constraints (right hand side values)

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