CS8351 DPSD Important Questions, Digital Principles & System Design Answer Key


CS8351 DPSD Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 IT CS8351 DPSD Important Questions with Answer Key and IT 3rd SEM CS8351 Digital Principles & System Design Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1 Find the octal equivalent of hexadecimal numbers of AB.CD (OR) DC.BA
2 State and prove the Consensus theorem.
3 State the principle of Duality.
4 Implement AND gate using only NOR gates. (OR) Realize XOR gate using only NAND gates.
5 Convert (0.6875)10 to binary (OR) Convert (126)10 to Octal & Binary
6 Prove the following using DeMorgan’s Theorem.
[(X + Y)’+(X + Y) ‘] ‘=X + Y.
7 Write short notes on weighted binary codes.
8 Illustrate NOR Operation with a truth table
9 What is Excess-3 Code?
10 Simplify Z = (AB +C) (B’D + C’E’)+(AB+C)’

11 Realize G = AB’C +DE+F’
12 Convert (1001010. 1101001)2 to base 16 &(231.07)8 to base 10
13 Convert the binary number to 1011111011 into gray code. (OR) Convert (A3B)H into decimal number.
14 Find the complement of the function F= X’YZ’ + X’Y’Z.
15 Define Self complementary Code?
16 What are Universal Gates? Why are they named so?
17 What bit must be complemented to change an ASCII letter from capital to lower case and vice versa?

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