CS8492 DMS Important Questions, DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Answer Key –CSE 4th Sem


CS8492 DMS Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 CSE CS8492 DMS Important Questions with Answer Key and CSE 4th Sem CS8492 DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

1 List the levels of data abstraction
2 Summarize on database management systems and its applications.
Define the role of shared memory in MPP.
3 Define Data Dictionary.
4 Why do you use data models? List the types of data model used.
5 Compare &Contrast the differences between select and project operation.

6 Analyze Armstrong axioms.
7 Summarize on weak and strong entity .Give example.
8 Discuss about cardinality ratio.
9 Define instances and schema.
10 Distinguish normal view and materialized view.

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