CS8492 DMS Important Questions, DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Answer Key –IT 4th Sem


CS8492 DMS Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017IT CS8492 DMS Important Questions with Answer Key and IT 4th Sem CS8492 DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

1.Differentiate File processing system with Database Management system.

2.Point out the disadvantages of file processing system.
3.List out the components of DBMS.
4.Discuss the purpose of Database Management System?
5.What is data definition language? Give example.

6.What are the three levels of data abstraction?
7.Mention some of the major responsibilities of a database administrator.
8.List out the use of creating view?
9.Give the syntax to create the table.
10.What are aggregate functions? List the aggregate functions supported by SQL?

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