CS8603 DS Notes, DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS Notes – CSC 6th Sem


CS8603 DS Notes

Anna University Regulation 2017 CSC CS8603 DS Notes, DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS Lecture Handwritten Notes for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for CSC 6th Sem DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS Notes are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

 To understand the foundations of distributed systems.
 To learn issues related to clock Synchronization and the need for global state in distributed
 To learn distributed mutual exclusion and deadlock detection algorithms.
 To understand the significance of agreement, fault tolerance and recovery protocols in
Distributed Systems.
 To learn the characteristics of peer-to-peer and distributed shared memory systems.

Introduction: Definition –Relation to computer system components –Motivation –Relation to parallel systems – Message-passing systems versus shared memory systems –Primitives for distributed communication –Synchronous versus asynchronous executions –Design issues and challenges. A model of distributed computations: A distributed program –A model of distributed executions –Models of communication networks –Global state – Cuts –Past and future cones of an event –Models of process communications. Logical Time: A framework for a system of logical
clocks –Scalar time –Vector time – Physical clock synchronization: NTP.

Message ordering and group communication: Message ordering paradigms –Asynchronous execution with synchronous communication –Synchronous program order on an asynchronous system –Group communication – Causal order (CO) – Total order. Global state and snapshot recording algorithms: Introduction –System model and definitions –Snapshot algorithms for FIFO channels

Distributed mutual exclusion algorithms: Introduction – Preliminaries – Lamport‘s algorithm –Ricart-Agrawala algorithm – Maekawa‘s algorithm – Suzuki–Kasami‘s broadcast algorithm. Deadlock detection in distributed systems: Introduction – System model – Preliminaries –Models of deadlocks – Knapp‘s classification –
Algorithms for the single resource model, the AND model and the OR modelCheckpointing and rollback recovery: Introduction – Background and definitions – Issues in failure recovery – Checkpoint-based recovery – Log-based rollback recovery – Coordinated checkpointing algorithm – Algorithm for asynchronous checkpointing and recovery. Consensus and agreement algorithms: Problem definition – Overview of results – Agreement in a failure –free system – Agreement in synchronous systems with failures.

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