CS8651 IP Question Papers, Internet Programming Previous Year Question Papers – CSE 6th SEM


CS8651 IP Question Papers

Anna University Regulation 2017 CSE CS8651 IP Question Papers for previous years are provided below. Previous Year Question Papers for CSE 6th SEM CS8651 Internet Programming, Engineering are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

Anna University Regulation 2017 (CSE) 6th SEM CS8651 IP – Internet Programming question paper

1.Define an abstract class. give an example?


3.List the unique features of java?

4.Different internet and intranet?

5.What are cookies?

6.Define event programming?

7.What is XML parse tree?

8.Name any four built in functions in PHP?

9.What is web service?

10.List any four merits for usage of AJAX in web service?

11. Discuss on : 1. Web service 2.XHTML

12.Using HTML and JSP

13.Explain 1. DOM model 2. Database connectivity

14.Write a PHP program to do string manipulation?

15.Explain in detail about 1. XML Scheme 2. XML parsers and validation?

16.Write short note on 1.SOAP 2.WSDL?

17.Discuss Ajax client server in detail?

CS8651 IP Question Paper1– Download Here

CS8651 IP Question Paper2– Download Here

CS8651 IP Question Paper3– Download Here

CS8651 IP Question Paper4– Download Here

CS8651 IP Question Paper5– Download Here

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