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Anna University Regulation 2017 CSC CS8691 AI Notes, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Lecture Handwritten Notes for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for CSC 6th Sem ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Notes are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

 To understand the various characteristics of Intelligent agents
 To learn the different search strategies in AI
 To learn to represent knowledge in solving AI problems
 To understand the different ways of designing software agents
 To know about the various applications of AI.

Introduction–Definition – Future of Artificial Intelligence – Characteristics of Intelligent Agents–Typical Intelligent Agents – Problem Solving Approach to Typical AI problems.

Problem solving Methods – Search Strategies- Uninformed – Informed – Heuristics – Local Search Algorithms and Optimization Problems
Searching with Partial Observations – Constraint Satisfaction Problems – Constraint Propagation – Backtracking Search – Game Playing – Optimal Decisions in Games – Alpha – Beta Pruning – Stochastic Games

First Order Predicate Logic – Prolog Programming – Unification – Forward Chaining-Backward Chaining – Resolution – Knowledge Representation – Ontological Engineering-Categories and Objects – Events – Mental Events and Mental Objects – Reasoning Systems for Categories -Reasoning with Default Information

Architecture for Intelligent Agents – Agent communication – Negotiation and Bargaining –Argumentation among Agents – Trust and Reputation in Multi-agent systems.

AI applications – Language Models – Information Retrieval- Information Extraction – Natural Language Processing – Machine Translation – Speech Recognition – Robot – Hardware –Perception – Planning – Moving

CS8691 AI Unit 1 notes  Download Here

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CS8691 AI Unit 4 notes  Download Here

CS8691 AI Unit 5 notes  Download Here

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