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Anna University Regulation 2013 Information Technology (IT) CY6251 CHEM 2 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for IT 2nd SEM CY6251 Engineering Chemistry 2 Short answers, Question Bank are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.




1. Distinguish between carbonate and non- carbonate hardness.
Carbonate hardness (or) Temporary hardness
x It is due to carbonates and bicarbonates of calcium and magnesium.
x It can be removed by boiling the water.
x It is also called as alkaline hardness.
Carbonate hardness (or) Temporary hardness
x It is due to chlorides and sulphates of calcium and magnesium.
x It cannot be removed by boiling the water.
x It is also called as non- alkaline hardness.
2. What are the disadvantages of scale formation?
Scale act as thermal insulators. It decreases the efficiency of boiler. Any crack developed on the scale, leads to explosion.
3. What is Calgon? How is it functioning in water treatment?
Calgon is Sodium hexa meta phosphate Na2 (Na4 (PO3)6). This substance interacts with calcium ions foming a highly soluble complex and thus prevents the precipitation of scale forming salt.
2CaSO4 + Na2 (Na4 (PO3)6) Na2 (Ca2 (PO3)6) + 2Na2SO4
4. What is meant by Phosphate Conditioning?
Scale formation can be avoided by adding sodium phosphate. It is used high pressure boilers.The phosphate react with Ca2+ and Mg2+ salts to give soft sludges Ca and Mg phosphates.
3CaSO4 +2Na3PO4 Ca3 (PO4)2 +3Na2SO4
5. What are boiler compounds? Give two examples.
Scale forming substances can be removed by adding chemicals directly to the boiler. These chemicals are called boiler compounds.
Examples: Sodium carbonate and sodium phosphate
i) CaSO4 +Na2CO3 CaCO3 +Na2SO4
ii) 3CaSO4 +2Na3PO4 Ca3 (PO4)2 +3Na2SO4

6. Mention the units used for expressing hardness of water?
i)Parts per Million
ii) Milligram per liter
iii) Clarke’s degree (o Cl)
iv) French degree (o Fr)
7. What is desalination?
The process of removing common salt (NaCl) from the water is called desalination.
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