EC6016 OED 2marks 16marks, Optical Electronic Devices Question Bank, OED Short Answers – ECE 7th SEM


EC6016 OED 2marks

Anna University Regulation 2013 ECE EC6016 OED 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. EC6016 OED Short answers, Question Bank for Optical Electronic Devices Engineering are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1. What is meant by electromagnetic compatibility?

2. Define ESD.

3. What are the three criteria to be satisfied by any system to become electromagnetically compatible?

4. How do you prevent emission?

5. Why is EMC a vital problem?

6. Why do we feel electric shock at times, when we touch TV and Computer monitors?

7. List the sources of EMI.

8. What is conducted coupling of EMI?

9. A bike started or a mixie under running condition disturbs a TV receivers functioning. Why?

10. Draw an equivalent circuit model for electrostatic discharge.

11. What are the various type of radiation coupling in EMI?

12. What is conducted interference?

13. Is it possible to develop circuit models of EMI?

14. Name the two factors that tend to affect the amount of interference that would otherwise be transmitted along a conducted path.

15. Define EMI and EMC.

16. What is transient suppression?

17. How to classify EMI/EMC?

18. What are the different units of parameters for the measurements of EMI?

19. What are CE and RE?

20. What is EMP? What do you understand about the effect of EMI on secured communications?

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