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Anna University Regulation 2013 Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) EC6304 EC 1 Important Questions for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for ECE 3rd SEM EC6304 Electronic Circuits 1 Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UNIT – I Power Supplies & Biasing of Discrete BJT & MOSFET

Part – A

1. What is meant by rectifier?

2. Define TUF and ripple factor in HWR?

3. What is a bleedor resistor?

4. Define voltage regulation ?

5. What is the need for filter in power supply circuits?

6. List the different types of filter?

7. Define the term biasing.

8. What is meant by operating point?

9. What is DC load line?

10. Why do we choose Q point at the centre of the load line?

11. Name the two techniques used in stability of the Q point?

12. Define the three stability factors?

13. List out the different types of biasing?

14. What is meant by compensation technique?

15. What do you meant by thermal runaway?

16. Define current amplification factor?

17. What are the advantages of fixed bias circuit?

18. What is the necessity of the coupling capacitor?

19. Why thermal runaway is not there in FET

20. List the different types of FET biasing circuits?

Part – B

1. Explain the working of Full wave rectifier with CLC filter and derive for its ripple factor?

2. A full wave rectifier circuit is fed from a transformer having a centre tapped secondary winding. The RMS voltage from either end of secondary to centre tap is 30 V. If the diode forward resistance is 2 ohms and that of the half secondary is 8 ohms, for a load of 1Kohms. Calculate power delivered to load, percentage regulation at full load, efficiency of rectification, TUF of secondary.

3. Explain fixed bias of a transistor and derive an expression for its stability factors?

4. With a neat circuit diagram explain the voltage divider biasing and derive an expression for stability factors?

5. Explain collector feed back bais with necessary diagrams and derive tis stability factors?

6. (a) Describe emitter stabilized biasing with necessary circuit details? (8) (b) For the emitter bias network shown below, determine IB, IC, VCE, VC, VB, VE and VBC? (8)

7. Design a voltage divider bias circuit for the specified conditions. Vcc = 12V, VCE = 6V, IC = 1mA, S = 20, β = 100 and VE = 1V.

8. Discuss the various types of bias compensation techniques?

9. Explain about common source self bias and voltage divider bias for FET?

10. Explain in detail about various methods of biasing MOSFET?

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