EC6701 RFME 2marks 16marks, RF & Microwave Engineering Question Bank, RFME Short Answers – ECE 7th SEM Anna University


EC6701 RFME 2marks

Anna University Regulation 2013 ECE EC6701 RFME 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. EC6701 RFME Short answers, Question Bank for RF & Microwave Engineering are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1. Define s-matrix

Scattering matrix is a square matrix which gives all the combination of power relationships between the various input and output port of a microwave junction.

2. What is the .Properties of s-matrix?

1. It possess symmetric property sij =sji

2. It possess unitary property [s][s]*=[i]

3. Why is s-matrix used in MW analysis?

S matrix is used in MW analysis to overcome the problems which occurs when H, Y, &Z parameters are used in high frequencies.

1. Equipment is not readily available to measure total voltage &total current at the ports of the network.

2. Short and open circuits are difficult to achieve over a broad band of frequencies.

3. Active devices, such as power transistor &tunnel diodes, frequently won’t have stability for a short or open circuit.

4. Give ABCD matrix for a two port network

V1=A B V2

I1 C D -I2

5. What is ABCD matrix?

ABCD matrix is a transmission matrix. These parameters express voltage and current at output in terms of those at input port. V1=AV2-BI2


6. What are the advantages of ABCD matrix?

1. They are used in power transmission lines.

2. They are very helpful in the case of cascade networks.

7. What is the Scattering matrix for N port device?

[S]= S11 S12 S13……

S1n S21 S22 …………S2n

S31 S32 ………….S3n . .

Sm1 Sm2 …………Smm

8. Give the properties of impedance [x]&admittance[y] matrix?

1. For a lossless junctionary y and z are symmetric.

2. [y]=[z] -1

3. Elements of matix [Z] &matrix [Y] are Frequency dependent

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