EC8352 SS Important Questions, Signals & Systems Answer Key


EC8352 SS Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 EC8352 SS Important Questions with Answer Key and 3rd SEM EC8352 Signals & Systems  Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1. Identify the Fourier Series coefficients of the signal x(t) =1+ sin2ωt + 2cos2ωt + cos(3ωt + )

2. Write the equations for trigonometric& exponential Fourier series. BTL 1 Remembering

3. Describe the Dirichlet’s conditions of Fourier series. BTL 1 Remembering

4. Estimate the exponential fourier series representation of

5. Discuss the fourier series representation of the signal

6. Point out any four properties of Fourier Transform. BTL 3 Applying

7. Show the Fourier transform of x(t)=e-atu(t) BTL 1 Remembering

8. Analyze the parseval’s relation of continuous time fourier transform. BTL 4 Analyzing

9. Evaluate the fourier transform of x(t)=e-3|t| u(t) BTL 5 Evaluating

10. Develop the synthesis and analysis equation of continuous time Fourier Transform BTL 6 Creating

11. Calculate the Laplace transform of the function x(t) =u(t)-u(t-2) BTL 3 Applying

12. Relate the Laplace transform of x(t) + 3e-2tu(t)-2e-tu(t) with ROC BTL 2 Understanding

13. Solve the Laplace transform of δ(t) and u(t). BTL 3 Applying

14. What is the Relationship between Laplace Transform and Fourier Transform? BTL 1 Remembering

15. Compare unilateral and bilateral transform. BTL 4 Analyzing

16. Analyze ROC of the Laplace Transform. BTL 4 Analyzing

17. Conclude the Initial and Final value Theorem of Laplace Transforms. BTL 5 Evaluating

18. Illustrate the Laplace Transform of the signal x(?) =e-2t u(t). BTL 2 Understanding

19. Describe the differentiation and integration property of Laplace transform. BTL 1 Remembering

20. Design the poles and zeros of the given transfer function X(S) = (S2+3s+2)/(S2+2s+2)

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