EC8353 EDC Important Questions, ELECTRON DEVICES AND CIRCUITS Answer Key –EIE 3rd Sem


EC8353 EDC Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 EIE EC8353 EDC Important Questions with Answer Key and EIE 3rd Sem EC8353 ELECTRON DEVICES AND CIRCUITS Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


1. What is transition capacitance and diffusion capacitance?
2. What is rectifier and list its types?
3. Summarize the two types of junction capacitances.
4. Assess the term hole current in PN diode?
5. Define depletion region.
6. Examine the current components in a PN diode.
7. Differentiate between avalanche breakdown & Zener breakdown.

8. A 6.2V Zener diode has a resistance of 20 Ohms. Calculate the terminal voltage when the current is 20 mA?
9. List out the factors on which barrier potential depends.
10. Give the drawback of Zener Voltage Regulator.
11. Discuss about the working principle of Laser diodes.
12. Label the structure of PN Junction diode.
13. Show the expressions of RMS current & ripple factor for bridge rectifier.
14. Mention some of the applications of laser diode

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