EC8393 DS Important Questions, Data Structures in C Answer Key


EC8393 DS Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017  ECE EC8393 DS Important Questions with Answer Key and 3rd SEM EC8393 Data Structures in C  Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1 Distinguish between high level language and low level language.

2 Compare the Compiler and Interpreter. BTL -2 Understanding

3 Define programming language. BTL -1 Remembering

4 Tell the use of return type of printf() & scanf(). BTL -1 Remembering

5 Assess what operation is performed when the %f, %e and %g format specifies are used to display the value. BTL -5 Evaluating

6 What is a variable? BTL -1 Remembering

7 Compare and contrast the prefix and postfix forms of the ++ operator. BTL -2 Understanding 8 Distinguish the terms Break and Continue. BTL -4 Analyzing

9 Name the use of EOF. BTL -1 Remembering

10 Explain the various form of looping statement. BTL -5 Evaluating

11 Create a C code to print the text “Data Structures” using the arrays. BTL -6 Creating

12 Write the syntax of array declaration with an example. BTL -3 Applying

13 Identify the purpose of null statement. BTL -3 Applying

14 Analyze the need of null character at the end of string. BTL -4 Analyzing

15 Discuss the types of I/O statements available in C. BTL -6 Creating

16 How would you initialize the size of an array. BTL -1 Remembering

17 Show the declaration of a string. BTL -2 Understanding

18 Identify the features of array.


1 Explain the constants, expressions and statements in C. (13) BTL -2 Understanding

2 i ) Compare various types of operators in C. (6) ii) List and explain the various data types in C (7) BTL -4 Analyzing

3 Describe the structure of a C program with an example. (13) BTL -1 Remembering

4 i) Write a Program to find the area and circumference of a circle with radius r. (6)

ii) Write a program to find the sum of first 100 integers. (7)

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