EC8394 ADC Important Questions, Analog Digital Circuits Answer Key IT 3rd Sem


EC8394 ADC Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 IT EC8394 ADC Important Questions with Answer Key and IT 3rd SEM EC8394 Analog Digital Circuits Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1 List the major segments of electromagnetic spectrum and give their frequency ranges

2 What is the need for modulation?

3 Define amplitude modulation. (OR) Define amplitude and angle modulation

4 Define modulation index.

5 Illustrate the Degree of modulation in AM

6 Compare AM with DSB-SC and SSB-SC.

7 In an amplitude modulation system, the carrier frequency is ?? = 100k??. The maximum frequency of the signal is 5 kHz. Calculate the lower & upper side bands and bandwidth of the AM signal.

8 Summarize the advantages of SSBSC modulation.

9 Consider an AM signal x(t)=2cos(2πfct) +0.5cos(2πfct).cos(2πfmt). Find the modulation index used to generate the signal.

10 Plan the bandwidth which is needed to transmit voice signal of 4kHz, use AM.

11 Draw the spectrum of AM /FM signal.

12 Illustrate AM and FM signals produced by a single tone signal

13 Write down the mathematical expression for angle modulated wave.

14 What is the purpose of limiter in FM receiver?

15 Design the bandwidth of FM signal if the frequency deviation of the modulator is 25kHz per Volt?

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