EC8395 CE Important Questions, COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Answer Key –EIE 4th SEM


EC8395 CE Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017EIE EC8395 CE Important Questions with Answer Key and EIE 4th SEM EC8395 COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

1.What is the need for modulation?
2.One input to a conventional AM modulator is a 500 kHz carrier with the amplitude of 20 Vp. The second input is 10 kHz modulating signal that is of sufficient amplitude to cause a change in the output wave of ± 7.5 Vp.
Evaluate: (a) Upper and lower side frequency, (b) Modulation efficiency.
3.Define modulation index.
4.List the major segments of electromagnetic spectrum and give their frequency ranges
5.Write down the mathematical expression for angle modulated wave.

6.Design the bandwidth of FM signal if the frequency deviation of the modulator is 25kHz per Volt?
7.Summarize the methods for generating SSB-SC signal.
8.What is the purpose of limiter in FM receiver?
9.Why do you need modulation in communication systems?
10.In an amplitude modulation system, the carrier frequency is= 100kz.The maximum frequency of the signal is 5 kHz. Calculate the lower & upper side bands and bandwidth of the AM signal.

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