EC8395 CE Important Questions, Communication Engineering Answer Key


EC8395 CE Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 EC8395 CE Important Questions with Answer Key and 3rd SEM EC8395 Communication Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1. Discover the need modulation in communication systems?

2. List the types of AM modulators.

3. Describe AM modulated wave for modulation index=0.5 and its spectra.

4. Can you formulate the theory for modulation index of an AM signal and write its classification.

5. When a signal m(t)=3cos(2?x103t) modulates a carrier c(t)=5cos(πx106t), assess the modulation index and
transmission bandwidth if the modulation is AM.

6. Summarize the methods for generating SSB-SC signal.

7. Define Coherent Detection.

8. A carrier is amplitude modulated to a depth of 80%. evaluate the total power in the modulated wave, if the carrier is 10 watts.

9. Develop a modulation scheme for broadcast video transmission.

10. Compare AM with DSB-SC and SSB-SC.

11. Examine heterodyning principle.

12. Define modulation index of frequency modulation and phase modulation.

13. Show that Armstrong method is superior to reactance modulator.

14. Tell why frequency modulation is more preferred for voice transmission?

15. Quote Carson’s rule to determine the bandwidth of FM.

16. Discuss the block diagram of a method for generating a narrow band FM.

17. Interpret the mathematical expression for FM and PM

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