EC8453 LIC Question Papers, Linear Integrated Circuits Previous Year Question Papers – ECE 4th SEM


EC8453 LIC Question Papers

Anna University Regulation 2017 ECE EC8453 LIC Question Papers for previous years are provided below. Previous Year Question Papers for ECE 4th SEM EC8453 Linear Integrated Circuits, Engineering are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

Anna University Regulation 2017 (ECE) 4th SEM EC8453 LIC – Linear Integrated Circuits question paper

1.Outline the importance of offset voltage of an operational amplifier?
2.Define CMRR.
3.Mention the importance of current mirror circuit used in differential amplifier stages.
4.Specify the ideal characteristics of Op-amp and methods can be used to produce voltage sources.
5.How will you understanding the term ‘thermal drift’?
6.Write short note about current mirror with magnification.
7.Define slew rate and what causes the slew rate?
8.State loading effect? How can you reduce it?
9.Why do we use Rcomp resistor?
10.What is the gain cross over and phase cross over frequencies?

11.Categorize the characteristics of Non-ideal op-amp.
12.Develop the internal block diagram of an Op-amp.
13.Illustrate the pin diagram of IC 741.
14.Examine the importance of input off set current.
15.Analyze about input bias current.
16.Inspect the draw backs of using large RC in differential amplifier.
17.Brief the necessity of active loads preferred than passive loads in the input stage of an operational amplifier.
18.Justify that, why IC741 op-amp not used for high frequency applications?
19.Calculate the maximum distorted amplitude that a sine wave input of 10 kHz, can produce at the output of an op-amp whose slew-rate is 0.5v/μsec.
20.A Differential amplifier has a differential voltage gain of 2000 and common mode gain of 0.2. Determine CMRR.

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