EC8501 DC Important Questions, DIGITAL COMMUNICATION Answer Key –ECE 5th Sem 


EC8501 DC Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 ECE EC8501 DC Important Questions with Answer Key and ECE 5th Sem EC8501 DIGITAL COMMUNICATION Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


1.List the advantages and disadvantage of digital communication system.
2.Define Band pass sampling.
3.State sampling theorem for band limited signals and the filters to avoid aliasing.
4.Distinguish natural and flat top sampling.
5.Interpret the use of pre-filtering done before sampling.
6.What is meant by aliasing?
7.How would you show your understanding of the components required for signal reconstruction?
8.Write about non uniform quantization.
9.Interpret the two fold effects of quantization process.
10.Illustrate the difference between uniform and non-uniform quantization

11.In a PCM system the output of the transmitting quantizer is digital. Generalize, Why is it further encoded?
12.A signal is sampled at Nyquist rate of 8 KHz and is quantized using 8 bit uniform quantizer. Assuming SNR for a sinusoidal signal, calculate the bit rate, SNR and BW.
13.A certain low pass bandlimited signal x(t) is sampled and the spectrum of the sampled version has the first guard band from 1500Hz to 1900Hz.How will you determine the sampling frequency and the maximum frequency of the signal?
14.Outline the input-output characteristic of a compressor and expander.
15.Point out the μ-law of compression.
16.State in your own words the application of pulse communication system.
17.Express the Quantization noise of a PCM system.

18.Formulate the concept of PAM and PCM.
19.Outline the concept of TDM.
20.Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of TDM.

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