EC8552 CAO 2marks 16marks, COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE AND ORGANIZATION Question Bank,5th Sem


EC8552 CAO 2marks

Anna University Regulation 2017 ECE EC8552 CAO 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. EC8552 CAO Short answers, Question Bank for COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE AND ORGANIZATION Engineering are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


1.Define Computer Architecture
Computer Architecture Is Defined As The Functional Operation Of The Individual H/W Unit In A Computer System And The Flow Of Information Among The Control Of Those Units.

2.Define Computer H/W
Computer H/W Is The Electronic Circuit And Electro Mechanical Equipment that Constitutes the Computer

3. What are the functions of control unit ?
The memory arithmetic and logic ,and input and output units store and process information and perform i/p and o/p operation, the operation of these unit must be co ordinate in some way this is the task of control unit the cu is effectively the nerve center that sends the control signal to other units and sence their states.

4.What is an interrupt?
An interrupt is an event that causes the execution of one program to be suspended and another program to be executed.

5. What are the uses of interrupts?
• Recovery from errors
• Debugging
• Communication between programs

6.What is the need for reduced instruction chip?
• Relatively few instruction types and addressing modes.
• Fixed and easily decoded instruction formats.
• Fast single-cycle instruction execution.
• Hardwired rather than microprogrammed control.

7. Name any three of the standard I/O interface.
• SCSI (small computer system interface),bus standards
• Back plane bus standards
• IEEE 796 bus (multibus signals)
• IEEE 488 bus standard

8. Explain the various classifications of parallel structures.
• SISD (single instruction stream single data stream
• SIMD(single instruction stream multiple data stream
• MIMD(multiple instruction stream multiple data stream
• MISD(multiple instruction stream single data stream

9. What is absolute addressing mode?
The address of the location of the operand is given explicitly as a part of the instruction. Eg. Move a , 2000

10. Specify three types of data transfer techniques.
• Arithmetic data transfer
• Logical data transfer
• Programmed control data transfer

11. What is the role of MAR and MDR?
The MAR (memory address register) is used to hold the address of the location to or from which data are to be transferred and the MDR(memory data register) contains the data to be written into or read out of the addressed location.

12. What are the various types of operations required for instructions?
• Data transfers between the main memory and the CPU registers
• Arithmetic and logic operation on data
• Program sequencing and control
• I/O transfers

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