EC8652 WC 2marks 16marks, WIRELESS COMMUNICATION Question Bank, WC Short Answers 6th Sem


EC8652 WC 2marks

Anna University Regulation 2017 ECE EC8652 WC 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. EC8652 WC Short answers, Question Bank for WIRELESS COMMUNICATION Engineering are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


1. Write some examples for wireless communication system.
Cordless phones, handheld walkie-talkies, pagers, mobiles, remote controllers For home entertainment.

2. What is base station?
A fixed station in mobile radio system used for radio communication with mobiles. It has transmitter and receiver section. It is located at the centre of coverage area.

3. What is MSC?
Mobile switching centre coordinates the routing of calls in large service area. It connects the base station and mobiles to PSTN. It is also called as MTSO(Mobile telephone switching office.

4. What do you mean by forward and reverse channel?
Forward channel is a radio channel used for transmission of information from base station to mobile. Reverse channel is a radio channel used for transmission from mobile to base station.

5. What is the function of control channel? What are the types?
Control channel is used for transmission of call setup, call request, call initiation & Control. Types are forward control channel, reverse control channel.

6. Define cell
Each cellular base station is allocated to a group of radio channels to be used within a small geographic area called as cell.

7. What is foot print?
Actual radio coverage of a cell is called as footprint. It is determined from the field measurements or propagation prediction models.

8. What is channel assignment ? what are the types?
For efficient utilization of radio spectrum a frequency reuse scheme with increasing capacity and minimizing interference is required. For this channel assignment is used
Types : Fixed channel assignment, dynamic channel assignment.

9. What is fixed channel assignment?
If the channels in each cell is allocated to the users within the cell, it will becalled as fixed channel assignment. If all channels are occupied, the call Will be blocked.

10. What is dynamic channel assignment?
If the voice channels are not allocated permanently in a cell, it will be called as dynamic channel assignment. In this assignment, channels are dynamically allocated to users by the MSC.

11. What is hand off?
When a mobile moves into a different cell while conversation in progress, the MSC automatically transfers the call from one cell to other cell without any interference.This is called as hand off.

12. Define dwell time.
The time over which the call may be maintained within a cell without hand off is called as dwell time. This time is governed by factors such as propagation, interference, distance between subscribers and base station.

13. What is soft hand off?
In CDMA system, MSC selects received signals from a variety of base stations with the help of software. This is called as soft handoff.

14. What is co channel interference?
The interference between the signals from co channel cells is called as co cannel interference.

15. Define co-channel reuse ratio.
It is define as the ratio between the distance between the centers of nearest co channel cells to the radius of the cell. Q = D/R

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