EC8652 WC Question Papers, Wireless Communication Previous Year Question Papers – ECE 6th SEM


EC8652 WC Question Papers

Anna University Regulation 2017 ECE EC8652 WC Question Papers for previous years are provided below. Previous Year Question Papers for ECE 6th SEM EC8652 Wireless Communication, Engineering are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

Anna University Regulation 2017 (ECE) 6th SEM EC8652 WC- Wireless Communication question paper

1. Write the advantages of MSK over QPSK.
2. Define M-ary transmission system?
3. What is quadrature modulation?
4. What is QAM?
5. Define QPSK?
6. What is linear and non-linear modulation?
7. What is the need of Gaussian filter?
8. Mention some merits of MSK
9. Give some examples of linear modulation?
10. Define slow and fast fading channel?
11. List the advantages of digital modulation technique?
12. Define digital modulation?
13. What are the types of digital modulation technique?
14. Define Power efficiency?
15. Define constellation diagram? What do you infer from it?

16. Define offset QPSK, Differential QPSK.
17. List the salient features of MSK scheme.
18. Why GMSK is preferred for multiuser, cellular communications?
19. Define the term Bandwidth efficiency
20. What is up converter?
1. Draw and explain the structure of wireless communication link
2. Explain the generation, detection and bit error probability of QPSK technique.
3. What are the salient features of Offset QPSK?
4. Explain the principle and operation of Differential QPSK transmission and reception.
5. What is BFSK? Derive the bit error probability of BFSK and also explain the constellation diagram of it.
6. Explain the generation, detection and constellation diagram of MSK scheme.
7. Enumerate on Gaussian MSK. Why we prefer it for wireless communication?
8. Discuss about the error performance of various modulation techniques in fading channels.

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