EE6301 DLC Important Questions, Digital Logic Circuits Answer Key – EEE 3rd SEM Anna University


EE6301 DLC Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2013 Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) EE6301 DLC Important Questions with Answer Key for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for EEE 3rd SEM EE6301 Digital Logic Circuits Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1. Briefly explain the stream lined method of converting binary to decimal number with example.

2. Give the Gray code for the binary number (111)2 .

3. When can RTL be used to represent digital systems?

4. State the important characteristics of TTL family.

5. What weight does the digit 5 have in each of the following decimal number?(a)1530 (b)1.059(c)3258(d)567.

6. Convert following hexadecimal number to decimal number.

(a) F2816 (b) BC216

7. Convert following decimal number to hexadecimal.(a) 1259 (b) 5768.

8. Convert (a) 10010011101011012 (b) 10010001011.001011102 to hexadecimal.

9. Convert 35768 to hexadecimal.

10. Classify the logic family by operation

11. List the advantages of ECL as compared to TTL logic family.

12. Classify the basic families that belong to the bipolar families and to the MOS families.

13. Which is faster TTL or ECL? Which requires more power to operate?

14. Define noise margin.

15. Define Fan-out?

16. Define power dissipation?

17. What is propagation delay?

18. Define fan in?

19. Mention the classification of saturated bipolar logic families.

20. What are the types of TTL logic?


1. Discuss about TTL parameters.

2. Draw and explain the circuit diagram of CMOS NOR gate.

3. Name and explain the characteristics of TTL family.

4. Explain the characteristics and implementation of the following digital logic families. (a) CMOS (b) ECL (c) TTL

5. Describe the concept working and applications of the following memories: (a) PLD (b) FPGA (c) EPROM

6. Explain the classifications of binary codes.

7. Explain about error detection and correction codes

8. Given that a frame with bit sequence 1101011011 is transmitted, it has been received as 1101011010. Determine the method of detecting the error using any one detecting code.

9. Draw the MOS logic circuit for NOT gate and explain its operation.

10. (i) Explain Hamming code with an example. State its advantages over parity codes (8)

(ii) Design a TTL logic circuit for a 3-input NAND gate (8)

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