EE6352 EEI Important Questions, Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation Answer Key – ECE 3rd SEM Anna University


EE6352 EEI Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2013 ECE EE6352 EEI Important Questions for all 5 units and ECE 3rd SEM EE6352 Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.




1. State Faraday’s law of Electro magnetic induction and Lenz law.

2. Mention the following functions in DC Machine (i) Commutator (ii) Brushes (iii) Yoke (iv) Field coils.

3. What are the main constructional element of a DC Machine?

4. What is meant by excitation of dc machine? What are the different methods for the excitation of DC Machine?

5. What are the necessary conditions for the generators to be self excited?

6. Mention any 2-popular methods for the speed control of DC Shunt motor.

7. What is meant by motor ? How the Faraday’s Left hand rule is used explain it.

8. Define critical resistance of a dc generator?

9. List the different method of speed control of DC Shunt motor?

10. In speed control of DC Shunt Motor how the armature control method is distinguished with field control method.

11. What are the different techniques used for the speed control of DC Series Motor?

12. Write the formulae for voltage equation of a DC Motor.

13. What is meant by armature reaction?

14. Write the formulae for generated emf of a Generator.

15. State two applications of DC shunt motor and series motor.

16. What is the significance of back emf Motor?

17. List the different variable and constant losses in electrical machine.

18. What is the basic principle of a DC Generator? How the Faraday’s Right Hand rule is implemented explain it.

19. Draw the mechanical characteristics of DC Series and DC Shunt Motor.

20. Explain the circuit for Star connection and Delta connection.


1. With a neat sketch, explain the construction and working of DC Motor and explain each parts.

2. What is meant by DC Generator ? Explain the theory and principle of operation and working of DC Generator.

3. Obtain the mathematical expression for the Generated EMF or EMF Equation of a Generator.

4. Calculate the emf generated by 4-pole wave wound generator having 65 slots with 12 conductors per slot when driven at 1200 rpm. The flux per pole is 0.02 Weber.

5. How the DC Generator can be classified and also explain the following characteristics

(i)No Load Saturation characteristics (ii) Internal or Total Characteristics (iii) External Characteristics.

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