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EE6512 EM2 LAB Manual

Anna University Regulation 2013 EEE EE6512 EM2 Lab Manual viva voce question for all experiments is provided below. Download link for EEE 5th SEM EE6512 Electrical Machines 2 Laboratory Manual is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

Anna University Regulation 2013 EEE 5th SEM EE6512 EM2 LAB-Electrical Machines 2 Laboratory Manual



The aim of the experiment is to predetermine the regulation of three phase salient pole alternator by conducting the slip test.


In non salient pole alternators air gap length is constant and reactance is also constant. Due to this the MMFs of armature and field act upon the same magnetic circuit all the time hence can be added vectorically. But in salient pole alternators the length of the air gap varies and reluctance also varies. Hence the armature flux and field flux cannot vary sinusoid ally in the air gap. So the reluctance of the magnetic circuit on which mmf act is different in case of salient pole alternators. This can be explained by two reaction theory.


1. The motor field rheostat should be kept in minimum resistance position.

2. The alternator field should be kept open throughout the experiment.

3. The direction of rotation due to prime mover and due to the alternator run as the motor should be same.

4. Initially all the switches are kept open.


1. Connections are given as per the circuit diagram and confirm that the alternator filed is in open condition.

2. Give the supply by closing the DPST switch.

3. Using the three point starter start the motor to run at the synchronous speed by varying the motor field rheostat.

4. Apply 20% to 30% of the rated voltage to the armature of the alternator by adjusting the auto-transformer.

5. To obtain the slip and maximum oscillations of pointers, the speed is reduced slightly lesser than the synchronous speed.

6. Note down the maximum current, minimum current, maximum voltage and minimum voltage. Find out the direct and quadrature axis impedance (Zd,Zq).

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