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Anna University Regulation 2017 EEE EE8501 PSA Notes, POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS Lecture Handwritten Notes for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for EEE 5th Sem POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS Notes are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


 To model the power system under steady state operating conditon
 To understand and aply iterative techniques for power flow analysis
 To model and cary out short circuit studies on power system
 To model and analyze stabilty problems in power system
Ned for system planing and operational studies – Power scenario in India – Power system components – Representation – Single line diagram – per unit quanties – p.u. impedance diagram – p.u. reactance diagram – Network graph, Bus incidence matrix, Primitve parameters, Bus admitance matrix from primitve parameters – Representation of of- nominal transformer – Formation of bus admitance matrix of large power network.

Bus clasifcation – Formulation of Power Flow problem in polar cordinates – Power flow solution using Gaus Seidel method – Handling of Voltage controled buses – Power Flow Solution by Newton Raphson method.  Asumptions in short circuit analysis – Symmetrical short circuit analysis using Thevenin’s theorem – Bus Impedance matrix building algorithm (without mutual coupling) – Symmetrical fault analysis through bus impedance matrix – Post fault bus voltages – Fault level – Curent limitng reactors.

Symmetrical components – Sequence impedances – Sequence networks – Analysis of unsymmetrical faults at generator terminals: LG, L and LG – unsymmetrical fault ocuring at any point in a power system – computation of post fault curents in symmetrical component and phasor domains.

Clasifcation of power system stabilty – Rotor angle stabilty – Swing equation – Swing curve – Power-Angle equation – Equal area criterion – Critcal clearing angle

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EE8501 PSA Unit 5 notes  Download Here

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