EE8552 PE Notes, POWER ELECTRONICS Notes – EEE 5th Sem


EE8552 PE Notes

Anna University Regulation 2017 EEE EE8552 PE Notes, POWER ELECTRONICS Lecture Handwritten Notes for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for EEE 5th Sem POWER ELECTRONICS Notes are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

To impart knowledge on the folowing Topics
 Diferent ypes of power semiconductor devices and their switching
 Operation, characteristics and performance parameters of controled rectifers
 Operation, switching techniques and basics topologies of DC-DC switching
regulators.  Diferent modulation techniques of pulse width modulated inverters and to
understand harmonic reduction methods.  Operation of AC voltage controler and various configurations.

Study of switching devices, SCR, TRIAC, GTO, BJT, MOSFET, IGBT and IGCT- Static characteristics: SCR, MOSFET and IGBT – Trigering and commutation circuit for SCR￾Introduction to Driver and snuber circuits.
2-pulse, 3-pulse and 6-pulseconverters– performance parameters –Efect of source inductance– Firng Schemes for converter–Dual converters, Aplications-light dimmer, Excitation system, Solar PV systems.
Step-down and step-up choper-control strategy– Introduction to types of chopers-A, B, C, D and E -Switched mode regulators- Buck, Bost, Buck- Bost regulator, Introduction to Resonant Converters, Aplications-Batery operated vehicles.
Single phase and thre phase voltage source inverters (both1200 mode and 1800 mode)– Voltage& harmonic control-PWM techniques: Multiple PWM, Sinusoidal PWM, modifed sinusoidal PWM – Introduction to space vector modulation –Curent source inverter, Aplications-Induction heating, UPS.
Single phase and Thre phase AC voltage controlers–Control strategy- Power Factor Control – Multistage sequence control -single phase and thre phase cyclo converters – Introduction to Matrix converters, Aplications –welding .

EE8552 PE Unit 1 notes  Download Here

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EE8552 PE Unit 5 notes  Download Here

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