EI8351 EM Important Questions, ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS Answer Key –EIE 3rd Sem


EI8351 EM Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 EIE EI8351 EM Important Questions with Answer Key and EIE 3rd Sem EI8351 ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


1. A permanent magnet moving coil instrument has full scale deflection of 75μA and a coil resistance of 1KΩ. Calculate the required shunt resistance value to convert the instrument into an ammeter with full scale deflection of 75mA.
2. Give the torque equation for an electro dynamometer type wattmeter.
3. How do you define rectifier type of instruments?
4. Summarize the factors affecting the performance of Rectifier type Instrument.
5. Interpret the term transfer instrument.
6. Name the main sources of errors in PMMC instruments.

7. List the methods of calibrating a ballistic galvanometer.
8. How do you infer the term error?
9. How the error due to stray magnetic fields is eliminated in Electrodynamometer Wattmeter.
10. Define calibration.
11. List the basic requirements of any measuring instruments.
12. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of moving iron instruments.
13. Examine why the scale in the MI instrument is nonlinear?

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